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Peter Maplestone
Colbey Reagan, in honor of Sibyl, Sadie, Grace and Cooper Reagan

Budding White Roses

The Dauntless Association
Earl and Molly Bass

Nick Cox Architects
Ian and Janet Crabtree
Bill and Brenda Hamburg


The Portsmouth Branch of the Association of Wrens
Church of England Congregation, St. Bartholomew’s Church, RNAS Yeovilton
Comdt Anthea Larkin CBE
The St Mary le Strand Wrens Coffee Morning Team
The Manchester branch of the Association of Wrens

Rita Hoddinott, Vice President Association of Wrens, St Mary-le-Strand will always be in the hearts of those who served in the WRNS
Mark Rhydderch Jones, Tessa Kulik and Mark Jones

Association of Wrens and Women of the Royal Naval Services, Yeovil & District Branch
Sarah Ayton for their long, loyal and dedicated service to the WRNS BT 2008-2024
Roger Collings for their long, loyal and dedicated service to the WRNS BT 2008-2024
Eleanor Patrick
Steve Welsh

Andy, Johnny, Dan, Jo and Claire:
Dedicated to Chris Ruane and Pete Church.
Not enough years in their lives, but so much life in their years. Loving husbands, fathers and true friends.

Debra Anderson, For Peter Bressan
Janet Mary St. John-Austen
Sarah Featherstone-Bharma
Shaun O' Brien
Qiao Cai
Anne Louise Cameron
Fred and Beth Cate
Ferdinand Charpentier
Mrs. Carol Gibbon
Eliza Peterson Gilbert
Oliver Peterson Gilbert
Michael Gornall
Jo Grieg
Bill Hamburg, in honour of Colbey Reagan
Edward Jenkyns
Mark King
Preet & David Kral, We got married here in July 2023 and St Mary's will forever be in our hearts!
Paul Lee
Ida Lessons
Juliet Lyal
Pat Millar, for all those hours at the allotment
Ben Montgomery and Hana Mori
Cathy Murphy
Julia E. Peterson, Dearest Mum. Ad Astra. Love always, Oliver and Milly
Mark Robbins, for Pearl Willmer Shiles
Alison Rose
Mrs. Christine Senior
Jenny Sheridan
Robert Smeath
Paul Swift
Trudi Spring, blessed place to pray
Michael Tiley, I have so many happy memories of my time as verger in this beautiful church sharing its fine features with our visitors
Andrew Wright
Mrs. Andrea Wrigley
@theoldbuilding, for the restoration of this London icon

St Mary le Strand


Colbey Reagan


Alastair Coomes
Eddie Jenkyns
Ian Parke
Maggie Toy
Andrea Wrigley