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Sibyl, Sadie, Grace and Cooper Reagan
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Bill and Brenda Hamburg
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The Portsmouth branch of the Association of Wrens
The St Mary le Strand Wrens Coffee Morning Team
The Manchester branch of the Association of Wrens
Rita Hoddinott, Vice President Association of Wrens, St Mary-le-Strand will always be in the hearts of those who served in the WRNS
Mark Rhydderch Jones, Tessa Kulik and Mark Jones
Association of Wrens and Women of the Royal Naval Services, Yeovil & District Branch
Steve Welsh
Eliza Peterson Gilbert
Oliver Peterson Gilbert
Andrew Wright
Ben Montgomery and Hana Mori
Bill Hamburg, in honour of Colbey Reagan
Ferdinand Charpentier
Janet Mary St. John-Austen
Jenny Sheridan
Julia E. Peterson, Dearest Mum. Ad Astra. Love always, Oliver and Milly
Juliet Lyal
Michael Gornall
Pat Millar, for all those hours at the allotment
Trudi Spring, blessed place to pray
@theoldbuilding, for the restoration of this London icon
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St Mary le Strand


Colbey Reagan


Alastair Coomes
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