Sponsor a Flower

St Mary le Strand was built in 1714-21 to the designs of the renowned Scottish Architect, James Gibbs – his first building on his return from studying in Rome. It is often said to be one of the UK’s loveliest Baroque churches, with its fabulous plastered, curved and coffered ceiling, unparalleled in Britain.

We hope that you will join us for the next stage in The Jewel in the Strand’s journey, making this site relevant and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, for generations to come.

All donors will be recognised on our website and in the newly restored and re-opened church.

Flower 1

Bursting through the vine which binds the whole ceiling together is a mixture of individually hand-crafted sunflowers and white roses.

Flower 2

Showing their individual stages of blooming, these hand-crafted budding white roses stand proudly within triangular frames across this iconic ceiling.

Flower 3

Dominating the diamond shapes found across the ceiling, the otherwise humble acorn and its leaf form an impressive canopy above the heads of visitors.

Flower 4

Visitors to St Mary le Strand inevitably gaze upward, drawn particularly to the ceiling’s squares, framing a mix of skilfully crafted white cockades, sunflowers, and acorns with oak leaves.

Flower 5

This impressive trinity of lovingly hand-crafted acorn and oak flowers presides over the main entrance, used by monarchs, pilgrims, and visitors alike for three hundred years. With your support, this majestic trio will continue to welcome visitors for centuries to come.

Flower 6

The focal point for worship and the culmination of the nave’s spectacular architecture, seven squares form an archway above the sanctuary space. The mixture of sunflowers and acorns are enhanced with gold gilding, a final touch not seen on other flowers throughout the church.

If you are a US-based individual, please see our page for American supporters.