Meanwhile Strand Aerial

Restoration & Development


St Mary le Strand will be a restored and redeveloped church building, with a renewed mission and ministry, at the heart of the regenerated Strand-Aldwych district. 


St Mary le Strand, a Church of England parish church, will stand at the centre of a new ‘Piazza’ as a place of worship and as:

  • A place of sanctuary;
  • A public democratic space;
  • A place of engagement and connectivity with the communities around.

As a local church, we have three missions which are interconnected:  Christian, Public and Cultural.

The Jewel in the Strand Project

We have drawn up plans for the Restoration and Development of St Mary le Strand to make it safe, accessible and fit for purpose in its new role as the centrepiece of the newly pedestrianised East Strand piazza.  The plans include creating step-free access and making the body of the church more flexible, including facilities to make the church more suitable for hosting a wider range of events.  We plan to make safe the high-level stonework and clean the outside of the building.  We also hope to adapt the crypt space underneath the church.

Gibbs Layout

Existing Layout